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Server Error submitting package when Authors field doesn't match Nuget username


Yellow screen of death, generic error: "Server Error in '/' Application." occurs when submitting a package where Authors field is not a Nuget username.

For example, setting the Authors field to, "John Smith" causes package submission to fail with no further explanation.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. create a nuget package with Authors field set to "John Smith"
  2. log in to nuget gallery
  3. click "Contribute" tab
  4. click "Add New Package"
  5. click Browse, locate package, click Upload
  6. click "Next >>" on the Edit Contribution page
To mitigate the issue a note could be added to the "Creating And Publishing A Package" page that explains the valid criteria for the Authors field.

Ideally, the Gallery web ui, Nuget Package Explorer, and command line interface would all alert the user when the package fields are invalid.